About Me

What do you stand for?  I stand for many things, but my top will be God, Family, Love, & Freedom.

What do you believe in?  First and foremost, I believe in God, and working hard at what you love. I believe that when you grind you will be successful. It is just a matter of time.

What are you discontented about? Being soley dependent on something or someone is what I'm discontented about. I put my faith into my own hands and don't ask for hand outs. *GodHands*

What makes you weep and wail? *Fortnite just kidding. Not having my Family.

What makes you jump for joy? Seeing those Checks come in from a long days work.

What are you passionate about? Art is my passion since I was born. So it is only right to be deeply passionate about my Art.

What keeps you awake at night? The Grind

What do you want for your life? I want the struggles that lead to Wealth, Health and Success. Without the failures you can not grow so I need what makes it all happen.

Just what is it that you really care about? Life

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